Yun Ling
Chinese 云灵
Character Information
Age 15 - 16 [1]
Tribe Human [1]
Gender Female [1]
Hair Long Blond [1]
Eyes Blue [1]
Personality sweet, curious, kind, sincere
Profession Waitress at Old Man Yun’s Congee Shop [1]
Soul Properties
Home Heavenly Fate Plateau (former)

Glory City

Light Novel Chapter 189 – Heavenly Fate Plateau

The waitress at Old Man Yun’s Congee Shop in the Heavenly Fate Plateau. Her father is the owner and cook. She is fairly pretty with fair skin, rosy cheeks, a delicate nose, and two dimples when she smiles.[1]

Yun Ling almost immediately realizes that Nie Li is not a local and is very curious about the world outside of the plateau. She is very excited when Nie Li asks to trade with her.[1] She is quick to point out that the fine clothing that he offers to trade for only 200 coppers is worth a lot more, but he insists that is all he needs. He also asks her to help spread the word that he is willing to trade ten Purple Smoke Rocks for a bag of rice or five catties (6.7 pounds) of meat.[3]

She is there when Xiao Kuang attempts to bully Nie Li. She also hears all about the outside world and Glory City and the fast backtracking Xiao Kuang does to avoid offending Nie Li.[4]

Alternate Life

In the past life Nie Li, Ye Ziyun, and the other survivors were taken in by Yun Ling and Old Man Yun during the brief time they stayed in the Heavenly Fate Plateau. They were most likely forced to leave because with the lack of food on the Plateau they could not support so many refugees (this is not stated out right but implied).[1]