The zombie Jiao-dragon is a snake-type demon beast, born from a mountain of thousands of corpses. They grow by devouring the power left behind from the corpses, that is then formed into a creature with intelligence. All fully-formed zombie Jiao-dragons have Legend rank strength. After each millennium, the zombie Jiao-dragon would become stronger by one level. Upon reaching ten thousand years, it would become an existence that could rival the Spiritual Gods. [1] A zombie Jiao-dragon's body is covered in black scales and will get smaller as it gets more powerful.[2]

Their attacks have a strong corrosive attack, so they are most likely a Dark-Type demon beast.[2]

There are many zombie Jiao-dragons on the first layer of the Nine-Layered Deathlands in the Nether Realm deep in a murky lake, including a very powerful one.[1] This has not reached Demigod rank yet, but it does have some type of treasured Scarlet Pearl embedded in its head.[2]

After being attacked by six legend rank experts, including Cang Ming and Mu Ye, the scarlet the zombie Jiao-dragon was able to pull strength from the pearl. Its a level raised and a layer of red scales covered its body, with two long feelers growing from the corners of its mouth.[2] When in trouble it can call on the other Jiao-dragons within the lake to assist it.[3]

Just as the Zombie Jiao-dragon was about to be struck down by Cang Ming, it was saved by Xiao Yu. In order to protect the Jiao-dragon's life he removed the treasured Scarlet Pearl from its forehead and it immediately reverted back to its normal self.[4]

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